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We produce Pack Chips Bio because we believe that we do not need any unnecessary plastic on our planet! We assume that using eco-friendly substitutes does not have to be expensive or difficult to apply. We want to make eco-friendly solutions affordable and easy to use for everyone. If we were a filler, we would be Pack Chips Bio, because it combines all the features that are particularly important to us! It’s easy and fun to use, it’s economical to use and produce, made from renewable raw materials, fills packages perfectly without generating any additional weight and without generating any additional weight. It guarantees that your products reach your customer’s hands without any damage.

There is no Planet B

We should not delude ourselves that changes for the better will happen on their own. If we keep applying the same solutions we will not achieve a different or better result. As T-Pack is aware of this, we do not wait and we actively look for solutions which allow for ecological e-commerce shipments. We want to share our knowledge with our customers, so that as many packages as possible are environmentally friendly.

The world has changed right before our eyes. The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge negative impact on our everyday lives. On the other hand, due to the Covid-19 pandemic a new customer trend has arisen. Europeans are becoming more and more aware of the importance of climate change and the need to fight it on many levels, both at government and corporate levels, as well as in individual households. This thesis is also confirmed by the results of Inquiry Market Research, in which we observe that more than half of Europeans identify companies as the entities responsible for combating climate change. 72% of surveyed Poles would like to implement ordering products from such companies, which are guided by values that are important to them. At the same time declaring that they do not intend to buy less on the Internet. We are sure that sustainable e-commerce is one of the biggest and most important trends we will experience in the coming years.

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