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Our planet is drowning in plastic…If you do not want to contribute to this, you have an alternative! Choose a biodegradable and compostable starch packaging filler and save the planet!


the advantages of the ecological alternative:


our Pack Chips Bio team

We say no to plastic packaging!

We lean completely towards an ecological substitute! A package full of plastic filler terrifies us! Shipping inadequately protected items horrifies us. We do not judge books by their covers, but the packaging is more important to us than the items in it ! In our opinion the packaging should be environmentally friendly, resource-saving and it should guarantee a safe delivery! That’s why we created Pack Chips Bio!

See for yourself

it's the right choice!

Local production

Produced in Wielkopolskie Voivodeship, in order to minimize the carbon footprint of domestic supply.


The packaging chips decompose into compost and can also be dissolved in water.


It can be safely disposed of in the bio waste bin.


Thanks to its very low weight, the filler hardly adds any weight to your package.

100% plant-based

Fully produced from vegetable starch, with low use of raw materials.

Safe for the Environment

Produced from renewable raw materials and its disposal does not harm the environment.


other ecological fillers

100% recycled kraft paper or natural wood wool, tell us what you want to send and we will tell you how to pack it.

Biodegradowalny i kompostowalny wypełniacz do paczek
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