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Filler Pack Chips Bio!

If you are looking for an alternative to plastic non-organic fillers, undoubtedly choose our biodegradable and compostable product that does not pollute the planet – Pack Chips Bio filler!

Eko wypełniacz Pack Chips Bio

Advantages of our filler

One of the main advantages of Pack Chips Bio is undoubtedly its ecology and aesthetics! However, it is worth fully emphasising that the filler is also easy to use, water-soluble and produced in Poland.


Industries where Pack Chips Bio is used

Due to its properties, Pack Chips Bio filler is widely used in many industries.

Certainly industries such as mail order (cosmetics, glassware, fragile products; air freight; logistics, removals).

Plastic fillers we say no!

Comfortable to use

Why are Pack Chips Bio better than other fillers?

Our compostable and biodegradable filler is definitely the number one choice among fillers. Wondering why? We will convince you!

Without a doubt, it not only offers product protection, but also promotes environmental protection.

Benefits of Pack Chips Bio

Our filler can certainly be called a multi-tasker. It is ideal for gift wrapping as well as for shipping fragile items such as glassware. And all this in the spirit of caring for our planet.

One of the main advantages of our filler is its ecology and appearance! However, it is also worth noting that Pack Chips Bio starch filler protects the glass perfectly, fills the packaging tightly and does not significantly change its weight!

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Soluble in water

Most importantly, Pack Chips Bio is easily dissolved in water, ultimately so you don’t have to think about where to throw it.

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Come to the green side of power with us, choose Pack Chips Bio!

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