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Kolorowy wypełniacz do paczek

Pack Chips Bio organic packet filler is 90% vegetable, potato or maize starch. The remaining 10% of the contents are biopolymers. Biopolymers are plastics that are completely decomposable. They are completely converted by microorganisms into carbon dioxide, water and humus. No burden on the environment!

The environmentally friendly Pack Chips Bio filler has been created from an advanced starch and polymer extrusion process. This innovative production method ensures efficient use of raw materials, minimising energy and water consumption. Compared to traditional paper fillers, it offers higher quality with a lower environmental impact.

Yes, the crispness smells a little like cereal. The smell is hardly noticeable to the recipient of the crisps, who got a small amount in the packet. (However, packet-packers flipping larger quantities of crisps may feel a craving for cereal products at the start of Pack Chips Bio :))

Organic Pack Chips Bio filler is currently available in 6 colours: pink, green, white, yellow, blue, lavender.

In our diverse range, we offer 6 different pack sizes of Pack Chips Bio to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Available sizes are: 10 litres, 27 litres, 125 litres, 200 litres, 300 litres and 400 litres.

These different options allow you to tailor your choice to suit your individual needs. Whether you manage a smaller household, a medium-sized business or a large company. Choose the right size of Pack Chips Bio eco-friendly filler to effectively manage your organic waste while supporting the environment.

Yes, Pack Chips Bio packaging and filler are designed with an environmentally sustainable approach in mind. However, if you don’t plan to re-pack your products, you always have the option of composting. Pack Chips Bio is biodegradable, you can dissolve it in water and use it to water your flowers or throw it in the bio-waste bin.

In the case of fillers, the term biodegradable means that they decompose, break down naturally and leave no harmful compounds. However, the duration of this decomposition is not specified. Compostable fillers, on the other hand, are processed in industrial composting plants or in home composters. They decompose into fertiliser within 6 months.

Pack Chips Bio is biodegradable and compostable. It can be safely disposed of in a bio bin or home composter.

Pack Chips Bio starch filler is perfectly suited to the protection of fragile shipments. It effectively protects glassware and other fragile items during transport. Thanks to its elasticity and cushioning properties, Pack Chips Bio effectively protects products, minimising the risk of damage. You can rest assured that your fragile items will be safe and soundly protected during delivery.

Although Pack Chips Bio is made from starch, the production of organic filler does not meet food safety standards. For this reason, we do not recommend treating the starchy packet filler as a food product. Pack Chips Bio has been developed primarily as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional packets, aiming to minimise environmental impact.

To maintain the optimum quality and properties of Pack Chips Bio organic filler, we recommend storing it in a dry place, away from sources of moisture and direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure of Pack Chips Bio to moisture can lead to the chips sticking together. It is particularly important to maintain proper storage conditions. In this way, you can be sure that Pack Chips Bio will retain its protective properties – effectively protecting fragile items during transport.

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