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Kolorowy wypełniacz do paczek
Kolorowe pakowanie z Pack Chips Bio
Colour offer

Different primary colours... and more

Our Pack Chips Bio filler is available in several basic colours – yellow, blue, green, white, lavender, pink.

Above all, however, if you are looking for a filler in your brand’s individual colour – please contact us! We will of course make it to your special order.

We currently produce the colours pink, green, blue, yellow and white. In addition, we are constantly working on expanding our colour range.


Fragrant packet fillers

Aroma Pack Chips Bio – the latest in eco-friendly packaging materials. Our innovative Pach Chips Bio now come in scented versions to make unpacking your parcels more pleasant.

Rose scented pink – is classically associated with elegance and romance. It is ideal for parcels containing: Cosmetics, Jewellery and accessories, Stationery and gifts.

Lemon scented yellow – synonymous with freshness and cleanliness, making this fragrance ideal for: Kitchen gadgets, Eco Cleaning items, Food and supplements, Baby items.

White with a perfume scent – a refined aroma perfect for products that are meant to delight by their scent alone: clothing, consumer electronics, books and scrapbooks, home textiles, scented candles, perfumes and accessories.

Produkt Pack Chips Bio w workach
proposed capacities and printing on the bag

Pack Chips Bio comes in bags with 6 basic capacities: 10, 27, 125, 200, 300 and 400 litres

We are a manufacturer open to new possibilities for cooperation, if you need different packaging please contact us.

Our filler is currently packaged

– in bags with printing

– in bags without printing

If you would additionally like to put your web address on the bag or have another interesting idea – please contact us!

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together we can do more

Leaflet: what is Pack Chips Bio filler and how to sort waste after shipping?

Discover our range of eco-friendly packaging products at Pack Chips. High quality, sustainable materials, ideal for any industry.

Your customers are wondering how to sort the waste after your shipment? We have the solution!

Thanks to our flyer that you can attach to your shipment, your customer, with fullness, will no longer have any doubts about where to throw the filler and other products.

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