Eco-innovations in packaging: Pack Chip Bio starch filler in Pantone colours

A packaging revolution with a touch of colour

In an era where environmental consciousness is more than just a trend, companies around the world are looking for ways to minimise their carbon footprint. As an innovative manufacturer, we are proud to present a product that not only protects the items you send, but also takes care of the planet – Pack Chip Bio Organic Starch Filler for parcels and packages.

Starch fillers meet Pantone: Where design meets ecology

Our Pack Chip Bio starch filler, made from plant starch, is the ideal solution for companies looking for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional packaging materials. What’s more, the filler is not only biodegradable, but also water-soluble for easy and safe disposal. What sets our product apart is its unique aesthetic. Inspired by Pantone’s annual colour trends, we offer the filler in a wide range of colours, from subtle whites and greys to vibrant colours such as pink, blue or green. We particularly recommend Pack Chips Bio‘s organic starch fillers in Pantone colours, which can be integrated into our filler colours, a fantastic way to stand out in the market and emphasise brand individuality.

The importance of colour in branding

Colour plays a key role in a brand’s visual identity. It is not just a matter of aesthetics; colour can influence consumer perceptions of a company, communicate brand values and evoke specific emotions. Each colour has its own unique connotations and can evoke different emotions. For example, blue is often associated with calm and stability, making it a popular choice in industries such as banking or healthcare. Green, associated with nature and growth, is often used by eco mail fillers. Red, energising and eye-catching, is ideal for brands that want to be seen as dynamic and passionate.

Aromatic experience and bespoke personalisation

In addition to colour, we have launched a line of fillers with different fragrances to further enhance the unpacking process. Imagine opening a parcel that is not only environmentally safe, but also pampers your senses with the scent of rose, lemon or perfume. This is undoubtedly a new dimension to the shopping experience.

For those looking for even more personalisation, we offer the possibility to customise the colour of the filler to suit specific needs. Whether it is a colour in line with the company’s corporate identity or a special shade for a promotional event, we are ready to meet these expectations. The ability to customise the filler colour to any Pantone palette opens up new perspectives for our clients’ branding strategies.

The future in sustainable colours

When you choose our product, not only do you gain confidence that your parcel will arrive in perfect condition, but you also contribute to protecting the environment. Pack Chip Bio starch filler is the answer to the needs of modern, environmentally conscious consumers and companies that are committed to sustainability.

By integrating our organic Pack Chips Bio starch fillers into your company’s packaging strategy, you are not only reaffirming your commitment to sustainability, but also effectively using colour to increase brand recognition and communicate values. Our personalised solutions offer a memorable, consistent brand experience that reflects your identity and aspirations. Join us in driving a green future with every package you send.

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