Starch filler Pack Chips Bio with Rose Aroma: A new era of eco-friendly packaging

In the world of ecological packaging solutions, the environmentally friendly Starch Filler Pack Chips Bio with Rose Fragrance – is a Novelty in the Packaging Industry. It stands out as a pioneering solution – it is the first filler on the market that not only offers ecological advantages, but also delights the senses with the aroma of Rose.

With this innovation, Pack Chips Bio combines functionality and environmental protection with a sensory experience, offering consumers and companies the opportunity to differentiate their shipments. It not only protects products from damage, but also introduces a pleasant fragrance to every parcel. In doing so, we are raising the standards in the packaging industry and setting new challenges for the competition.

Ecological advantages and aesthetics

Made from plant starch, our eco filler is biodegradable and compostable. What confirms our eco-friendly promise. Using eco-friendly dyes, Pack Chips Bio combines environmental protection with aesthetics. The addition of the pink colour and rose scent makes it not only functional, but also delightful. For us, this is crucial, as it is for brands looking to differentiate their product.

Ideal for wrapping gifts and securing fragile items

Pack Chips Bio effectively protects items/products from mechanical damage, ensuring complete safety for your parcels when moving. Its lightness makes it convenient to transport. The filler does not add to the weight of your parcels, yet effectively protects your goods.

Our rose-scented filler is ideal for gift wrapping and securing fragile items. Pack Chips Bio is an excellent alternative to bubble wrap and air cushions. It offers similar cushioning properties without the negative environmental impact.

Versatility of application

Pack Chips Bio is suitable for a variety of product categories, from electronics to delicate glass items. Its versatility makes it ideal for a variety of packaging needs. This allows companies to tailor packaging to their unique style and value.

Increasing customer satisfaction

By choosing our eco-friendly filler, you increase the satisfaction of customers who are increasingly looking for companies that care about the environment. Pack Chips Bio is not only the choice for those looking for eco-friendly solutions. It is also for those who want to ensure the aesthetics and safety of their parcels during transport.

In summary, Starch filler Pack Chips Bio with Rose Aroma – is more than just a filler – it is an informed choice for those who value eco-friendly, safe and aesthetically appealing solutions in the packaging industry. The rose-scented pink colour symbolises the combination of ecological awareness and creativity, playing a key role in shaping the future of eco-friendly and colourful packaging.

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