Packaging of fragile items using Pack Chips Bio starch filler

Shipping fragile items can be a challenge, especially when you want to ensure their safety while also taking care of the environment. In this article, we will discuss, packing fragile items using Pack Chips Bio organic Starch Filler to protect fragile goods in transit. Learn the best packaging practices to help you avoid damage and keep your customers happy.

Pakowanie delikatnych rzeczy z Pack Chips Bio

Choice of starch filler Pack Chips Bio.

When choosing a parcel filler, Pack Chips Bio is an excellent option, especially when it comes to eco-friendly solutions. It is a Polish product that offers an alternative to traditional materials such as bubble wrap or wrapping paper. Its biodegradability makes it environmentally friendly.

Subject preparation.

Before placing a fragile item in a cardboard box, make sure it is properly protected. Use a soft material, such as canvas or cotton, to wrap around the individual items. This will prevent direct contact with the filler and provide extra protection.

Proper Cardboard Filling.

After wrapping the item, fill the bottom of the carton with a layer of Pack Chips Bio fillers. Place the fragile products inside. Then carry out filling the empty space with successive layers of fillers to prevent the product from moving during transport. This allows the parcel to be delivered intact to the recipient.

Testing Packaging.

Before closing the carton, shake it gently. It is imperative to make sure that the item does not move around inside. While you hear any movement, add more Pack Chips Bio fillers.

Closing and Labelling the Parcel.

Once the product is secure, close the carton and secure it with strong tape. Don’t forget the label with the address clearly marked and the indication “Delicate”.

Informing the client.

Inform the customer about the eco-friendly packaging by explaining that biodegradable Pack Chips Bio filler was used. This not only increases environmental awareness, but also builds a positive image of your brand.

Completion: Packing fragile items with Pack Chips Bio filler does not have to be difficult. Using Pack Chips Bio organic filler is not only a safe choice for your products, but also a step towards sustainability and environmental protection. Remember, proper packaging is the key to successful shipping and customer satisfaction.

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